The Story of Michael Fisher and the Teesside Cannabis Club: A journey of self healing and advocacy 


Meet Michael Fisher, a dedicated father of four from the North East of England, who has turned his personal health struggles into a beacon of hope and support for others. As the founder of the Teesside Cannabis Club and the Exhale Harm Reduction Centre, Michael’s journey over the last decade is not just a testament to his resilience but also a compelling argument for the medical use of cannabis.

Michael enjoying a family day out

The Battle with IBS: Early Struggles and Misguided Treatments

Diagnosed with IBS at 17, Michael spent over two decades navigating a challenging healthcare path. He was prescribed a myriad of medications ranging from muscle relaxants and opioid painkillers to anti-sickness drugs, some of which were later deemed dangerous. This cocktail of prescriptions led to dependency, low mood, and various other side effects, without offering real relief.

The Cannabis Revelation

In 2016, a significant turning point occurred when Michael’s specialist endorsed his use of cannabis flower and oil for his complex stomach issues. This endorsement came after years of Michael managing only moderate relief from cannabis, initially used incorrectly due to limited access to diverse strains and proper guidance.

The Catalyst for Change: Founding Teesside Cannabis Club

Driven by his experiences and the desire to shield his family from legal troubles associated with cannabis, Michael founded the Teesside Cannabis Club in 2013. This initiative aimed to campaign for medical cannabis use and create educational events. The club gained momentum in 2014, thanks to support from Ronald Hogg, the local Crime Commissioner. Michael’s efforts were focused on providing a safe, informed, and supportive community for medical cannabis users.

Legacy and Impact

Fast forward to 2024, and although Ronald Hogg has passed away, his pioneering approach to drug policy continues to influence the work of the Teesside Cannabis Club and the Exhale Harm Reduction Centre. Michael’s work is a living legacy, embodying the trail blazed by Hogg’s support.

 A Life Transformed: The Power of Medical Cannabis

Thanks to medical cannabis, Michael has reclaimed his life, returning to his weight at 17, and enjoying quality time with his children. His story resonates with the sentiment shared by Keith Richards on drugs and the police, highlighting the societal and legal challenges still faced by many.

The Path Forward: Advocacy for Accessibility

Michael emphasizes the need for accessible medical and recreational cannabis, advocating for policies that ensure no one is left behind. The journey remains long and challenging, with many unable to afford medical cannabis prescriptions. Yet, Michael’s story is a beacon of hope and a call to action for change.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

Michael Fisher’s story is more than a personal narrative; it’s a clarion call for compassion, understanding, and change in how we view and regulate cannabis. Through the Teesside Cannabis Club and the Exhale Harm Reduction Centre, Michael has created a platform for education, support, and advocacy, pushing forward the conversation on cannabis for medical and recreational use. As we reflect on his journey, let us join in the effort to ensure that no one is left behind in the quest for access to the life-changing benefits of cannabis and applaud our very own legend Michael Fisher. 

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