I AM Patient

Billy visits medicinal cannabis research facility.
I AM Patient is here to let you share your experiences, your thoughts and ideas and create impact where it matters. I AM Billy wants to ensure the patient is heard loud and proud at every decision making table up and down the supply chain.

I AM Billy uses a variety of engagement and research tools to amplify your voice and make sure it is heard by those making the decisions that impact on your life. We connect patients and carers with the opportunity to air and share their views through surveys, through focus groups and panels and through in-depth interviews.

We ensure the work we do conforms to Market Research Society and Consultation Institute best practice guidelines which allows our findings to be held up to the highest level of scrutiny.

If you are a patient or carer make your voice heard. Join our Patient Panel or register your interest to get involved in focus groups and other engagement activities.

I AM Patient Research

We are establishing I AM Patient Panels, we are running focus group programmes and will be inviting you to share your story here on our website.

We hope patients can share their stories on medicinal cannabis and other alternatives treatments and relate why sharing their voice is important to them. If you would like to share, using video or a blog please let us know.