I AM Billy is a Foundation brought to you by the mother and son that changed the UK medical cannabis law in 2018. Billy went on to pick up the first cannabis medicine prescription funded by the NHS.

I AM Billy was conceived and born from years of grassroots campaigning from the Caldwell’s. The Foundation is rooted in family and nurtured with love, aiming to provide patients with urgent NHS funding for cannabis medicines.

“Mum on a mission – I scoured the globe to keep my little boy alive. Cannabis medicine gave me back my right as a mummy to hope, but most importantly it gave Billy back his right to life.”

Charlotte 💜

What We Stand For!

We only represent the interests of the patient

Our values and principals are defined by Charlotte and Billy’s constituency of supporters

Our goals have been shaped by Charlotte, Billy and the constituency

The organisation is led by Charlotte – Charlotte respects this position of authority

Our focus is on delivering one outcome

We are wholly solutions-orientated

We are totally open and transparent

We have no conflicting interests

We only engage in activities that support this one cause

We believe in collaboration both with government and its agencies, and with NGOs out-with cannabis

We do not believe in using the media to antagonise but to educate, inform and reach out to as many people as we can

We believe in deliberative and inclusive dialogue

We will highlight good practice wherever we find it


I AM Billy’s Aims

The I AM Billy Foundation primary aim is to harness Billy and Charlotte’s passion, energy and determination to form the best-informed, most trusted and inclusive voice in the medicinal cannabis sector.

We understand that it is not easy for stakeholders inside or outside of the sector to identify who represents what and in turn who supports what. That cannot make it easy for those who shape and/ or implement policy to know where to turn or what agenda to trust and support. In the context of seeking to secure access to medicinal cannabis through the NHS, this has no doubt hindered progress and we firmly believe our Foundation can now help change that.

I AM Billy strongly feels a patient-first, NHS-first approach has to be adopted and needs to be the primary focus of Government. We are confident that the industry will thrive as a whole in the medium to long-term, but we know how many children and adults are suffering today.

The focus of everyone’s energy needs to be addressing this first.



I AM Billy’s Approach

To work with government and its agencies (MHRA, NIHR), the NHS and NGOs to ensure that medicinal cannabis is made available to those who need it, through our NHS.

To remove the barriers, both perceived and otherwise, to generate the evidence, knowledge and confidence needed to ensure well informed and appropriate uptake of medicinal cannabis.

To develop a community platform that will drive open and transparent sharing of knowledge, experiences, support and opportunities amongst patients, carers, medics, NGOs and other relevant parties.

To work with the wider medical, NGO and business community to develop a Standards Charter 

I AM Billy’s Goal

To ensure medicinal cannabis is made available to those who can benefit from it, through the NHS.

I AM Billy’s First Steps

Collaborate to design and carry out a real world study to prove the safety and efficacy of medicinal cannabis in treating patients with drug-resistant/ refractory epilepsy.

Collaborate to develop and deliver communication exercises to dispel myths and to raise awareness of how medicinal cannabis is being effectively used.