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I AM Billy is determined to support medicinal cannabis clinical trials that generate the evidence the NHS needs to prescribe.

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If you or a family member have been diagnosed with a disease and feel medical cannabis can benefit your/their condition, we may be able to help.

We are gathering useful patient information in preparation for medicinal cannabis clinical trials. 

The data you help to generate will help pave the way for NHS prescriptions. Without your participation, without MHRA approved data, the NHS will never be able to prescribe.

Be a catalyst for positive change !

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More on trials

Clinical trials are studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drugs, medical devices or other medical treatments when tested on human beings. Clinical trials follow a defined study plan known as a protocol. These trials are often referred to as clinical studies, medical research studies or just studies.

Clinical trials are conducted by medical personnel, such as doctors and nurses. Doctors who conduct clinical trials are also called investigators. The clinical trial team, or site staff, may also include social workers and other specialized health care professionals.

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