A Family’s Journey: The Transformative Power of Prescription Cannabis on Life Threatening Epilepsy

 The Challenge of Refractory Epilepsy

Harry’s journey begins with a challenging diagnosis: severe refractory epilepsy, a condition unmanageable through traditional anti-epileptic medications. Facing up to a dozen seizures daily, some of which were life-threatening, Harry’s condition presented an immense challenge not just for him, but for his entire family.

Turning to Alternative Solutions: The Introduction of Prescription Cannabis

In their quest for relief, Harry’s family turned to an unconventional treatment— prescription cannabis , about two-and-a-half years ago. This decision marked a turning point, as the introduction led to a significant reduction in Harry’s seizures, from as many as twelve a day to just one or two a week.

The Cost of Hope

Despite the remarkable improvement in Harry’s health, this new treatment came with a hefty price tag. Marie and her husband William, a landscape gardener, faced a monthly expense of £995 for the prescription cannabis. Over two-and-a-half years, the family have spent more than £30,000, a financial strain that required borrowing from relatives to sustain the treatment.

Life Before and After Prescription Cannabis

Before prescription cannabis Harry’s life was drastically different. Described as being in a “vegetative state,” he was unable to walk or attend school, and his family resorted to moving him from room to room on a duvet due to his frequent seizures. The introduction of prescription cannabis , not only reduced the frequency of his seizures but also significantly improved his quality of life, allowing him to attend school more regularly and participate in daily activities.

Harry and his Mummy

Seeking Support: The Quest for Medical Cannabis on the NHS

Motivated by the positive impact of prescription cannabis on Harry’s condition, the family applied for medical cannabis through the NHS six months ago, hoping for a more sustainable solution. However, they are still awaiting an appointment, a wait that underscores the challenges many families face in accessing alternative treatments within the healthcare system.

This story highlights the transformative effect of prescription cannabis on individuals with severe epilepsy and the ongoing struggles faced by families in accessing and affording alternative treatments. It sheds light on the need for clinical trials and a more comprehensive support system which in turn will create easier access to potentially life-changing medications.

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