My Journey with Medical Cannabis: A New Lease on Life

Introduction to My Health Challenges

In 2011, I received life-altering diagnoses of several autoimmune diseases: Behcet’s Disease, Addison’s Disease, and Dercum’s Disease, accompanied by other complications such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). These conditions have profoundly impacted my daily life and well-being.

Discovering Prescription Cannabis

My experience with prescription cannabis began in 2020, and it has revolutionized my approach to managing my health. After years of grappling with multiple medications, I discovered the benefits of prescription cannabis, which now play a crucial role in my pain management and overall health strategy.

The Impact of Cannabis on My Medication Routine

Prescription cannabis has allowed me to significantly reduce my reliance on traditional painkillers. Previously, I took up to 12 tablets a day, but now I manage with one or two, thanks to two specific cannabis oils—one I take twice daily and another at night—alongside vaporized cannabis flower. This change has been nothing short of transformative.

Gaining Independence

One of the most significant improvements has been my ability to walk around our local shop without the need for my electric wheelchair. This regain of independence, though I still face limitations on distance, represents a massive leap forward in my quality of life.

Ongoing Challenges and Hopes

Despite the improvements, challenges remain. I continue to deal with some pain and insomnia, reflecting on how earlier access to cannabis might have mitigated the severity of my conditions. Moreover, within the first year of starting prescription cannabis, I lost weight, which has been beneficial given that one of my conditions causes swelling in muscle tissues.

Advocacy for Wider Access

I strongly believe that prescription cannabis should be more accessible to those in need. Currently, my treatment depends on a private prescription, and the financial burden is a constant worry—there’s a real fear that my savings could deplete, leaving me without this crucial treatment.

Alison enjoying a pain free day relaxing at home

Conclusion: Sharing My Story

Compelled by my journey, I felt it was important to share my story. It’s my hope that by opening up about my experiences, others in similar situations might find solace and consider exploring potential remedies that could improve their quality of life.

Alison Fromager

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