A Green Flood ? 474 Prescription Cannabis Products in the UK Market

Prescription Cannabis

Prescription cannabis has been gaining traction globally, and the UK is no exception. With a growing awareness of its therapeutic benefits, more patients are turning to cannabis-based medicines. However, the burgeoning variety of cannabis products raises significant questions about the quality and consistency of the supply.


In the UK, the number of cannabis-based medications available has surged. Currently, there are an astonishing 474 different cannabis products on the market. This variety aims to cater to diverse medical needs, but it also brings challenges in terms of standardization and regulation.

474 – Is the UK Market Flooded?

The sheer number of cannabis products available has led many to wonder if the UK market is oversaturated. While a wide selection might seem beneficial, it complicates the prescription process for healthcare providers and patients. This situation calls for a critical assessment of whether the current market dynamics truly serve patient needs.

Small Pool of Patients: 28,000 Cannabis Patients

Despite the vast array of products, the actual number of patients using prescription cannabis in the UK remains relatively small. As of the latest estimates, there are only about 28,000 patients. This discrepancy between the number of products and the number of patients suggests a potential misalignment in the market.

Inconsistent Supply

One of the most pressing issues in the UK cannabis market is the inconsistent supply of medications. Patients often face difficulties in obtaining their prescribed cannabis products regularly. This inconsistency can disrupt treatment plans and diminish the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Quality Concerns: Poor Quality Seeds and Mould

Quality control is another significant concern. Reports of medications made from poor-quality seeds and instances of mold contamination have surfaced. These issues not only compromise patient safety but also undermine the credibility of medical cannabis as a whole.

Should the Industry Focus on Quality over Quantity?

Given these challenges, it might be time for the industry to reconsider its approach. Instead of flooding the market with numerous products, a focus on fewer, high-quality medications might be more beneficial. Ensuring a consistent supply of these products could greatly enhance patient outcomes and foster greater trust in medical cannabis.


The UK cannabis market is at a crossroads. With 474 products available to a relatively small patient base, the current landscape presents both opportunities and challenges. By prioritizing quality and consistency over sheer quantity, the industry can better meet patient needs and secure a more stable future for medical cannabis in the UK.

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