My Journey with MS and the Healing Power of Prescription Cannabis


I am Clark French. My journey with multiple sclerosis (MS) began in 2010, and it has been a transformative experience in many ways. In 2011, I founded a group called Action 4 MS, which later rebranded as the United Patients Alliance (UPA) in 2014. Over the years, I have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms thanks to prescription cannabis, which has greatly improved my quality of life. Recently, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I’ve come to realize that prescription cannabis benefits my mind just as much as my body.

Making the impossible possible. Clark walking across Golden Gate Bridge 

The Impact of Prescription Cannabis on My Life

As a father to a 4-year-old, prescription cannabis allows me to engage in fatherhood in ways that would be impossible otherwise. While MS still affects my energy levels and capabilities, prescription cannabis enables me to be a more present and active father. The improvements in my daily life are profound, and I am grateful for the increased ability to participate in my son’s life.

Managing MS Symptoms with Prescription Cannabis

I have a prescription for MS and related pain. One of the most debilitating symptoms I experience is the “MS hug,” which causes severe chest pain. In addition, I suffer from leg pain, muscle spasms, tremors, fatigue, headaches, nausea, bladder issues, and occasional eyesight problems, including light-sensitive migraines. At one point, I was on 11 different prescription medications. Now, I have reduced that number to just prescription cannabis and two other medications, which has made a remarkable difference.

Clark enjoying a day at Brighton Beach

Discovering Prescription Cannabis Through My Stepfather

My initial exposure to the benefits of prescription cannabis was through my late stepfather, Richard, who was also an MS patient. Witnessing how much prescription cannabis helped him made a lasting impression on me. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, I decided to explore prescription cannabis as a treatment option. I had previously enjoyed consuming cannabis and found it beneficial for my mental health during my youth. Learning about my ADHD diagnosis has further clarified how much prescription cannabis has helped my mind over the years.

Advocacy and Future Goals

I lead an active life as both a father and a patient advocate. Running the United Patients Alliance, working on a documentary, and a brand ambassador keep me busy. My hope for UPA is to gather more support, which will allow me to dedicate more time to its mission. Although securing funding for proper operations is challenging, we have a team of passionate campaigners across the UK who are ready to improve the situation for patients on the ground.

Clark raising awareness through his patient advocacy organisation, United Patients Alliance


My journey with MS and ADHD has been profoundly impacted by prescription cannabis. It has enabled me to reduce my reliance on multiple prescription medications and significantly improve my quality of life. As I continue to advocate for patient rights and prescription cannabis access, I am optimistic about the future and the positive changes we can achieve together.

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