Our Campaign

I am Billy is a campaign to open up patient access through publicly funded cannabis prescriptions. The campaign is pioneering for patients, public health and the industry.

The campaign sets the bar high for regulation of medicine, understanding patient needs and gathering much needed data for our NHS.

The campaign is being managed and delivered by Billy and Charlotte Caldwell.

The I am Billy campaign aims to achieve the following goals:


Collect real world evidence through a controlled clinical study in the UK.

This initiative will be led by eminent specialist clinicians and aims to collect necessary data to see medical cannabis more widely available in the future.


Set up an I am Billy non-profit medical cannabis clinic.

This clinic will provide affordable cannabis medicines to UK patients, setting the bar high for safe and consistent prescribing, gathering clinical data for our NHS and ensuring patients access pharmaceutical standard consistent medicine.


Disrupt the narrative.

Being positively disruptive in the media, raising awareness for the need for control and regulation of cannabis medicine.


Promote innovation and medicalisation of cannabis.

The campaign will be calling for the medicalisation of cannabis through highlighting new innovations and methods of delivery taking place.