I AM Billy Foundation

“The sole purpose of this Foundation is that no patient should have to go through the same, long and tortuous ordeal that Billy and I went through for him to access safe, legal, NHS funded life-saving cannabis medicine.”
Billy & Charlotte

I AM Billy Foundation is brought to you by the mother and son that changed the UK medical cannabis law in 2018. Billy went on to pick up the first cannabis medicine prescription funded by the NHS.

The Foundation is conceived and born from years of grassroots campaigning from the Caldwell’s. The Foundation is rooted in family and nurtured with love, aiming to provide patients with NHS funded cannabis medicine.

Maybe you have visited our website because you work in government, a hospital, are curious to understand more or perhaps you are here because you or a loved one is seeking to improve quality of life. Navigating the avalanche of false information and complex regulations can be overwhelming. Our aim is to help patients and their loved ones to navigate the myriad of false information and to help them understand how legislation really works. By understanding what the truth is we can engage and collaborate with the government and seek to achieve access for all – not the few. We are here to take the Confusion out of “Cannabis-Based Products for Medicinal use” (CBPM’s).