The Untold Truths of Medical Cannabis – The Stigma Surrounding Medical Cannabis Use

My Reluctant Journey to Medical Cannabis I didn’t turn to cannabis out of desire, but out of desperation. After over a decade of chronic nerve pain and countless prescriptions that only dulled my senses without relieving pain, cannabis was suggested as a last resort. Although initially illegal and frowned upon, it became my only relief […]

Green Shadows: Unmasking the Corruption in Cannabis Lobbying in the UK

Introduction to the Cannabis Conundrum The UK’s cannabis industry, especially in the realm of medicinal use, has seen significant growth and attention in recent years. However, beneath the surface of this burgeoning sector lies a complex web of corruption involving cannabis lobbyists, patient organizations, and industry councils. This blog aims to expose the misleading narratives […]

High Cost of Inconsistency of Prescription Cannabis: Navigating the Challenges

Introduction In recent years, the United Kingdom has taken tentative steps towards recognizing cannabis for its medicinal properties, offering a glimmer of hope to those suffering from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions. However, this hope is frequently dimmed by the stark reality of inconsistent supply, leaving patients in a precarious limbo. This blog delves […]

Living with Chronic Pain at 48: David Wright’s Journey from Despair to Hope

Chronic pain is an invisible yet incapacitating condition, transforming lives and challenging the spirit of even the strongest individuals. David Wright, a 48-year-old former support worker and 999 operator, shares his intimate journey of battling lower disc degeneration and the curvature of the spine, shedding light on the dark corners of chronic pain and how […]

The Unseen Battle: A Journey Through Injury, Recovery, and Rediscovery

Jason Bryant’s life changed in an instant during what should have been a routine Christmas decoration job in London. His story is a harrowing tale of survival, a battle with the healthcare system, and a personal fight against mental and physical health challenges. Through his journey, Jason showcases the resilience of the human spirit and […]

The Imperative of Full Transparency: Certificates of Analysis for Prescription Cannabis

Introduction In the rapidly evolving landscape of prescription cannabis, the necessity for transparency and stringent quality control cannot be overstated. For patients and healthcare providers alike, the assurance of safety, efficacy, and consistency in prescription cannabis products is paramount. This blog delves into the crucial role of providing a full Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for […]

Exploring the Potential of Terpenes in Cannabis: Beyond Just Aroma

Introduction Cannabis has long been celebrated for its vast medicinal and recreational potential, intriguing both consumers and researchers. At the heart of this interest is the entourage effect, a proposed mechanism where cannabis compounds, particularly terpenes and cannabinoids, work in harmony to enhance each other’s effects. But how significant is the role of terpenes in […]

Lack of Progress on Prescription Cannabis Disheartening, Says Law-Changing Mum

The journey of Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy in advocating for prescription cannabis in the UK illuminates the ongoing struggle for accessible healthcare for chronically ill patients. Despite changing the law, Charlotte reveals the persisting challenges in medical education and research, which hinder patient access to life-changing treatments. A Mother’s Fight Against the System […]